Fishing at Chippewa Pines Resort

There are many things to do when you come up to Chippewa Pines Resort. The entire Pennington Triangle Vacationland area is full of great things to see and do. The number one favorite activity of course, is FISHING on our beautiful Cass Lake.

Whether you are out for Minnesota’s most popular fish, the Walleye, or maybe looking for a battle against one of our feisty Northern Pike, on a search for the elusive Muskellunge (also known as the Muskie) or are just taking the kids out to fish for panfish such as a Sunfish, Bluegill, Crappie, or Perch, Cass Lake and the surrounding chain is the perfect place to go for a great fishing vacation!

Chippewa Pines is the closest fishing resort on Cass Lake to the mouth of the Turtle River which will take you to several other lakes such as Pug Hole, Kitchie, and Little and Big Rice Lake to the north.

Cass Lake also is connected to Pike Bay to the south, as well as Buck Lake to the west.

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